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  • Nite, love you.

  • I wish that I could wake up with amnesia
    And forget about the stupid little things~

  • When you are around happiness fills in my heart. As I see you again and again when you are away, happiness fills in my heart. As I think about the moments we spend together. After you came to my life, I am always happy. No matter where you are. Happy Anniversary My Dear❤

  • Saking sibuknya mencintai perempuannya, dia sampai lupa cara bagaimana membuat perempuannya tertawa kencang seperti dulu lagi.

  • Mungkin Tuhan sendiri mempunyai cara yang berbeda untuk menunjukkan rasa sayangnya terhadap umatnya. Termasuk Aku dan yang lainnya.

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  • My dear, if heaven is truly a place, then it is situated in your heart, that special place, that was reserved for me.

  • This is what happens. You tell your friends your most personal secrets, and they use them against you.

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  • Ini Jeje. Nama aslinya Jean. Jeje sukanya bikin onar. Tapi, aku sayang Jeje. Hihihi

  • Happy 4th monthversary, Ran. I love you💏